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At DaVinci Smiles, we understand the importance of convenience for our patients. For your ease and comfort, we proudly offer humm as a payment option to help spread out your dental treatment costs over time without any interest charges. With this payment plan, you gain more control over your finances while making incremental payments towards your treatment cost, allowing you to receive the dental care you need without worrying about huge out-of-pocket expenses.
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Your Smile Matters with humm

With humm, getting the dental care you desire at DaVinci Smiles is much simpler. They provide a variety of payment plans that can be customised to fit your budget and needs. In addition, depending on the price of your treatment plan, payments can be spread out over 10 weeks to 5 months for “Little Things” and 6-60 months for “Big Things”, meaning you won’t have to feel the headache or burden of a large, one-time payment.

How Does humm Work?

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Humm (formerly Flexigroup) is an innovative, highly convenient, interest-free buy-now-pay-later service available in Australia. Customers can purchase items or services with the option to spread their payments into manageable fortnightly or monthly instalments. Up to 60 months of payment plans are available, depending on the total cost of the item purchased. humm has two main purchasing options: “Little Things” (up to $2,000) and “Big Things” (up to $30,000).

With humm, you can choose from 2 payment plans to suit your needs. The “Little Things” plan gives quick access to funds with 2.5-5 months of repayment options and ten or five fortnightly instalments. You can even get larger purchases up to $30,000 with their “Big Things” plan, which allows a maximum 60-month period for repayment.

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Using humm to pay for your dental treatment at DaVinci Smiles is simple and convenient. All you need to do is select humm as your payment option when checking out and choose from a range of repayment plans that fit your budget. You can make weekly or fortnightly instalments over 3 weeks to 60 months, depending on the payment plan amount.

With humm, you can easily secure the dental treatment that you need today without having to worry about any high costs upfront.

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To be eligible for a humm account, applicants must meet the following criteria: they must be Australian citizens or permanent residents, at least 18 years of age, and have never declared bankruptcy. In addition, they must either be permanently employed, working at least 25 hours per week, or receiving an aged or veterans' pension. This is to make certain that applicants can use their accounts responsibly and without difficulty.

Along with these eligibility requirements, humm also conducts credit checks on Big Things purchases to confirm that they are financially capable of managing their account. Furthermore, depending on the applicant's credit score, some customers may require additional documentation proving their financial standing before opening an account with humm. Once all requirements have been met, you may start enjoying the benefits of humm.

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Unlock the Path to a Radiant, Healthy Smile!

Using humm to pay for your dental treatment at DaVinci Smiles gives you a hassle-free experience. It is one of Australia’s most widely accepted payment methods, and the process is both straightforward and secure. When you book an appointment with our clinic, all you need to do is download the humm app, create an account, start your treatment, and then pay for it using humm.

Discover the benefits of using humm as a payment method.

Safe and Secure

All transactions occur within a secure online platform when you use humm to pay for your dental treatment.

Flexible repayment plans

humm provides a customised repayment plan that works for you and your budget.

Easy to use

With a humm mobile app, you can easily start and manage your payments.

Up to $30,000 credit limit

If your dental needs go beyond the expense of a regular check-up, humm can provide funding up to $3000.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using humm for Dental Treatments

If you are unfamiliar with humm as a payment option, we have the answers to your questions. To help guide you through this easy-to-use payment plan and ensure it works for your needs, please explore our FAQs below.

humm is an interest-free buy now, pay later platform that allows you to purchase items or services stretching up to $30,000. With humm, you can shop for small things and big services, such as dental treatments, at DaVinci Smiles. You can make partial payments for your dental treatment over time.

Little Things only charges an $8 monthly account-keeping fee and a $2 transaction fee. Big Things come with an establishment fee of between $30-$110, an $8 monthly account-keeping fee, and a repeat purchase fee of just $29.

Paying for dental care at Davinci Smiles couldn’t be simpler with humm! First, download the humm app and create an account. Once you have signed in, you can start your treatment by providing the details of the services you want and selecting the amount to pay and the frequency of payment. Once you have confirmed your payment, humm will securely process it so that your dentist can instantly receive the funds for their services.

You can use humm payment plans for all dental treatments here at DaVinci Smiles. If you need assistance selecting and setting up a payment plan tailored to your needs, our friendly staff is always here to help. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or queries regarding payment plans.

To apply for a humm payment plan, you must first download the app and sign up, then go through an approval process. During this process, you will be required to provide personal information, including your ID documents, employment details, and banking details.

Once this is completed, you can apply for a humm payment plan. The application process includes providing information about yourself, your finances, and the type of product or service you are considering paying for with the humm payment plan.

If you choose to pay for your dental treatments through humm, be aware that there are associated fees. For big purchases, an establishment fee ranging from $30-110 will apply, a monthly fee of $8, and a late fee of $6 for ”Big Things”. Smaller purchases under or equal to $65 may incur a late payment fee of $6. If this isn’t your first time using humm, then you only have to pay $29, which replaces the standard establishment charge.

You can make partial or early payments on your humm payment plan. All you need to do is simply visit the payments section through the humm app or website, and follow a few easy steps. Alternatively, you may opt to transfer your funds to us instead; however, please keep in mind that this option requires three days of advance notice before the scheduled debit date for processing.

When your balance is fully paid off and you no longer have any active purchases, your account will become inactive. Don’t worry; this means that there are no extra charges either.

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