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Are your dentures falling out, slipping, or rubbing against your gums? Replace uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures with secure and stable dentures at a professional dental clinic in Perth. With DaVinci Smiles, you can regain your confidence and smile with ease!
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Get Comfortable and Confident Without the Pain of Loose Dentures

A properly fitted denture will feel natural and comfortable, allowing you to eat, drink, and speak easily. However, while your mouth can change over time, the dentures remain the same size and shape. This can cause your dentures to slip and rub against the gums, leading to soreness and irritation.

At DaVinci Smiles, we understand how uncomfortable it can be to live with ill-fitting or loose dentures. Our experienced team of dental professionals is committed to helping our patients enjoy the comfort that comes with a well-fitted denture. We use the latest techniques to ensure that your denture fits perfectly, providing you with optimal comfort and function.

We offer implant-retained dentures as a secured and fixed long-term alternative. Our experienced and qualified dentists will assess your mouth, face, and jawbone health to create a customised treatment plan for you. Book a consultation with us today to know what options are available if you no longer have enough of your natural teeth and are tired of living with wearing loose dentures.

What Causes Loose Dentures

Are you suffering from loose dentures? Here at DaVinci Smiles, the reasons behind your loose dentures can be quickly identified and overcome. There are many reasons why dentures can become loose over time.

Deterioration of the Jawbone

Over time, the jawbone that supports your teeth can deteriorate and shrink due to age, missing teeth, disease, and trauma. As the jawbone gets smaller, it creates spaces between the dentures and the jaw. This makes it difficult for the dentures to stay in place, causing them to become loose and often uncomfortable.

Poorly Fitted Dentures

If your dentures are not fitted properly, they can cause your gum tissue to become inflamed and can irritate. They may also shift around in the mouth, causing difficulty speaking or eating. This is why it is vital to see a skilled dentist who can properly fit the dentures and make any necessary adjustments.

Weight Loss

Significant weight loss can also cause your dentures to become loose. When you lose weight, it can cause changes to the shape of your mouth and jawbone, leading to a shift in the fit of your dentures. This is why it’s crucial to have your dentures refitted if you have lost or gained a lot of weight.


As you age, your mouth changes. Your jawbone can shrink and your gum line might recede. These factors can cause the fit of your dentures to become loose. It’s important to have regular visits with your dentist in order to check if your dentures are fitted properly.

Our Smile Transformation at DaVinci Smiles

If you’re unhappy with your smile, come visit us for a smile transformation. With our team of dentists and dental technology, we can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.


Over 20 Years of Experience

Restoring smiles and confidence has been our passion for over 20 years. Our talented and dedicated dental team has spent years fine-tuning the art of denture fitting and restorations. You can be confident that you’re in skilled hands.


Trusted Brand

If you’re looking for outstanding service with premium products from an experienced and reliable brand, then look no further than DaVinci Smiles. Our highly experienced team employs the latest technological advances and techniques to provide you with a custom, secure fit.


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Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to dental implants. Crafted with premium materials by one of the leading dental labs in Perth, our dental implants are as high-quality and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Multiple Payment Plan Options To make Dental Implants More Accessible

Making dental implants more accessible is one way we aim to help as many people as possible. We have a range of payment plan options available to provide you with the care you need at an affordable price.

Our Payment Options at DaVinci Smiles

To make treatment access more attainable for you, we offer payment plans through humm, Afterpay, Zip, and Pretty Penny Finance. We also accept all health funds, as well as early superannuation release through SuperCare.

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Cost Of Dental Implants in Perth

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, but the cost can be intimidating. If you’re located in Perth, and you’ve been considering getting this treatment, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to pricing.
single implant

Single Dental Implant

$4000 - $7000

all on4 implants

All-on-4 Dental Implant Costs

From $25,000
(per jaw)

implant retained dentures

Implant-Retained Dentures Costs

From $15,000
(per jaw)

full mouth implant

Full Mouth Dental Implant Costs

From $35,000
(per jaw)

The cost of dental implants is an estimate and may vary based on several factors, such as location, complexity of the procedure, and additional treatments such as bone grafts. These estimates are not a guarantee and should only be used as a general guide. The final cost of your dental implants will be determined after a thorough examination and consultation with our team at Da Vinci Smiles. To obtain a more accurate and personalised estimate, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us.

Our Highly-Experienced Dental Team

Our team of seasoned dentists is committed to providing high-quality dental care to our patients. We are up-to-date on the latest dental technology and will provide you with a personalised plan to bring your smile back to life.

Reliable Information on Dental Implants

At DaVinci Smiles, we specialise in helping patients with dental implants. We understand that individuals considering dental implants have unique needs and questions. That is why our team of experts provide comprehensive information on this life-changing procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Loose Dentures

DaVinci Smiles recognizes the difficulties that come along with having loose dentures, and we are here to address any inquiries you may have.

A common indication of loose fittings is soreness and swelling in the gums around where the denture rests. The gums may also look redder than usual due to tissue irritation and inflammation. In addition to discomfort while wearing your denture appliances, you may find yourself frequently gagging or having difficulty speaking properly because of slippage when attempting to enunciate words. Furthermore, eating food with poorly secured dentures is nearly impossible as the appliance will keep shifting its position during chewing.

Loose dentures can lead to a variety of dental issues, including gum irritation, blisters, difficulty chewing, headaches, and even bite problems down the line. Schedule your consultation at DaVinci Smiles to learn more about what we can do to help you combat loose dentures.

Your dentist will first make an appointment to assess your dentures and determine if a reline is necessary. They will sand away the surface of the denture to make it fit snugly against your gums. Afterwards, they will apply a soft or hard resin material to the inside of the denture. You will have to wear your denture for a period of time until the material hardens and forms a secure fit. Finally, they will polish the surface and check the fit of your denture.

When loose dentures are an issue, they can be managed on your own to some degree. However, the recommended thing to do is always to visit your dentist and get the problem properly diagnosed. If your dentist has determined that your loose dentures are due to ‘”bone resorption'” or gum shrinkage, then the most efficient long-term option is to go for implant-retained dentures.

To prevent your dentures from becoming loose, take them out at night before sleeping. This will help reduce wear and tear on the supporting jaw bone, which can cause dentures to become loose over time. We also advise against chewing or biting down on hard foods with your dentures, as this can damage the structure of the appliance and lead to looseness.

Book a consultation with our professional dentists at DaVinci Smiles if you think your dentures are becoming loose and need a secure alternative. Our experienced team will work with you to find the most suitable treatment option based on your individual needs.

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