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At DaVinci Smiles, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled dentists. Who are passionate about providing good-quality dental implants and oral health care to our patients. Each member of our team has over two decades of experience in dentistry. And continues to advance their knowledge of dental implants. Through great years of experience in oral health, dentists here are able to help many patients. Living happily with their new, stronger smiles.


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We Are Your Trusted Dental Implants Provider

Our team is trained in the latest dental technologies and techniques used for dental implant procedures. This allows us to give each patient the personalised attention they need for their dental needs. We strive to ensure that every smile we create is beautiful and long-lasting. Plus, with our friendly and professional atmosphere, you will feel at ease during your dental visit.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile and maintaining it for many years.

Meet Our Team

Our team has complex knowledge-based and practical skills in implant dentistry. Including thorough planning, surgical placement, creating artificial teeth, bone grafting, and more. Which efficiently restores missing teeth. With decades of experience, we offer a wide range of dental implant-related services. Our passion for dental implants makes it possible to reclaim your smile that was once lost because of missing teeth.

Dr. Sandeep Sharma

Principal Dentist

Dr. Sandeep helps patients achieve their dream smiles with comfort in mind. His vast experience handling different patient cases allows him to understand all aspects of oral health and hygiene comprehensively. He receives training on dental implants that sharpens his skills in this field.

Dr. Tony Strangio


Dr. Tony is knowledgeable about various dental services, including immediate dental implant replacement. He has great years of experience in dentistry. Also, he gained his master’s degree in Oral Implantology in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2013.

Dr. Roy Sarmidi


Dr. Roy focuses on providing dental implants and advanced restorative dentistry. He regularly invests in expanding his skills to offer the most up-to-date dental treatments. His passion for helping people achieve their dream smiles makes him an invaluable partner in the dental community.

Dr. Catalin Iacob


Dr. Catalin is a dental practitioner with a wealth of experience in dentistry. He has received several certifications from renowned institutions and attends national and international conferences on dental implants, restorative treatments, and cosmetic dentistry.

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